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Being Prepared for a Nice Day

on March 25, 2012
picnic basket

(Photo credit: 19melissa68)

While it is more difficult to find things to do in rainy weather, being prepared for those nice days can help take advantage of busy schedules.

I’d never thought of this until my sister called me, on a whim, and asked to go fly kites with the kids.  I first complained, I don’t have kites, the kids aren’t dressed and they will needs snacks.  My sister let me know she always keeps a small bag in her trunk with a picnic blanket, kites, a few balls, and water.  All I needed to do was dress the kids and grab some bananas, for good measure I made a few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  We were at the park in thirty minutes.


Here are a few ideas of things to keep on hand:




Bottled water


Favorite healthy crackers




Picnic blanket – this could easily double in the winter for emergency use




Kites (you knew this was  coming)


Water guns


baseball,  a few mitts and a bat


soccer ball


Obviously, you may not be able to fit everything, just a few should do the trick.


What are some things you might add to your trunk of fun?






2 responses to “Being Prepared for a Nice Day

  1. dijahenry says:

    I think you covered everything! OH! I just thought of this. Some speakers for your phone to play some music? Great blog! Really excited for you!

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